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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wilhelm Reich --

Careful study of just his videos shows that he was battling and winning at times, against these demonic/principality entities, using orgone energy.

The trouble is, just like with witchcraft and satanism/sorcery, it is a dark slippery slope trying to use God's design and not being the Designer.

Anyone can slice an apple in half and see the five-pointed star, or look at most of nature and see the sacred geometry and numerology the occult is using. They did not invent anything. They are trying to manipulate and use God's design for selfish purposes and the result will probably be FAIL for them after this life is finished.

It seems incredibly hubristic that we think we can have "Christ-consciousness" or become gods equal to the Creator.
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