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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
David dIcke--

When someone outed him for being a mason, with a pic that showed him with masons, all he would say in defense was not a denial, but, because some of the men in the pic were very tall, he said something like: that guy must be godzilla...

as if tall men don't exist...

when I was living in NYC one of my room mates was from a very powerful Hassidic family in Brooklyn. The dude was a very nice person and I liked him a lot, but he was depressed and confused and no one seemed to know how to help him. He eventually jumped off the roof of my building.

My friend took off and I was there all alone when a knock came to the door--we were living in a large warehouse in DUMBO, NYC.

When I answered the door some of the largest men I have ever seen came in, all dressed in black, w classic Hassid clothing/hats...

I am about 6'3 and these dudes towered over me in every way... Any one of them could have crushed me like a twig. They wanted to know why their nephew had died and they wanted answers.

I was not afraid, because the situation was so sad and anyway, I lived dangerously...

I told them what happened and they left. I lived there for many months and never payed rent and no one was ever going to kick me out of there...

point being: there are giants already here, if you guage it by men over 6'5...

and I found Icke's comment to be either disingenuous or ignorant...

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