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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This site is proving very handy to write out my thoughts on...


The Blood Sacrifice

Some people think what kind of God, New Testament or Old, would need something so gross or macabre...

I think it is telling that to raise a garden and eat there is the requirement that something must be killed.

I thought for a while, maybe breatharians were on the right track. But they seem empty in terms of how they share, or rather do not share, their lives, with others.

But more than that, according to people on the inside of the occult, they are using blood sacrifices all the time.

War itself is a blood sacrifice. I always wondered about some of the most horrendous examples of this, like Gallipoli or Picket's Charge...

these, to me, are obvious signs of blood sacrifice to the demons...
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