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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now that I know what meditation and tv do, I am not surprised, just sad for them because they seem trapped and miserable.

Happy people do not lose their shit like they do.

I am praying for them and this feels like the only thing I can do for them now.

They got burned by the satanic culture of sex, drugs and rock and roll... pretty neat trick, really, if it wasn't so tragic... they are so hooked into the system they don't have a clue how to get out...

It is this generation specifically that is holding us all in lock-step to the UN/satan nwo...

I have faced death so many times and survived I don't worry about much. just how I can be of service to God.

Reminds me of when I figured out how to heal myself from 911 toxicity.

Daily heart and chest pains, knee locked up, breathing difficulties...

Every day I thought might be my last.

I never thought to pray or turn to God.

But when I figured out how to be 110% and now I can rip on my snowboard and skimboard better than when I was 20... I figured I should tell as many people as I could...

I wasn't a Jesus Christ follower so much as I suspected God had a hand in things...

and I see people dying now more and more and no one seems to know why...

So I tell people what I have found... saved an old farmer I really liked from cancer... that was cool! 86 years old and still willing to learn...

wonder if he will listen to me when I tell him about Jesus.

He is a dowser and I will have to tell him he likely got the skills from generational witchcraft... I think he will know what I mean: he is fond of calling dowsing "witching"...

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