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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What better way to sell a lie about Luciferian societies than to sell it from the mouths of professed former members of said societies?

If these societies communed with the powers we are told they do and wield the amount of power we are led to believe they do, then these individuals professing the truth of the intentions of these societies would be silenced and any mention of their existence wiped from the history books, internet, and media that they have complete control over.

When you call upon Jesus Christ to save you, you call upon a messiah archetype to do so.

This archetype resides in us all, and yes, is of the utmost of power. Please fathom the difference between calling upon a power higher than yourself and that of calling upon that which is a part of you.

One can call a part of him/herself whatever one desires. The soul knows to which part the nomenclature is attributed, and thus knows what you speak of when you call out for help from Jesus Christ.

OP, have you ever partaken in naturally occurring entheogens? You know, the kind that have never had the pleasure of government-sponsored shills to promote them?
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