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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle quaerite verum
Post Content
One of the last time I was on entheogens (Psilocybin mushrooms) hiking in the mountains a couple of years ago, I would close my eyes whenever we stopped to lay in the grass, feeling very nice... and I saw a beautiful ornate golden gate. In the gate came faces of people I can only think now, were "ascended masters." One looked like buddha, one or two had beards... I thought they were the archtypes you were talking about... just fun visions...

They were looking at me with a curious perplexity or sternness. Then, when I got up to walk I could hear the Beatles song, "All you need is love" ringing in my ears.

Love of what? money? fame? sex? What were the Beatles really trying to say... you need to look at my list when it comes to this topic, because they definitely had a purpose, much as I loved them growing up... and many many songs were directly or indirectly telling us to "turn on."

It is now common knowledge that Lennon sold his soul to satan and the Beatles, if not manufactured at "tick-tock", were definitely satanic (throwing up horns of devil just like any politician)... have you seen their dead babies cover--???

Still question if there is a luciferian agenda...? do some more digging...

As well, Graham Hancock and Rick Strassman in The Spirit Molecule make for me very convincing cases that visions you have on entheogens is a bit more real that that we are brain-washed into believing... the supernatural is real... not a mechanistic expression of my consciousness...

I am with Carolyn Hamlett on this one: the ascended master work for satan, as does Bob Dylan, et al...

sadly, at least Dylan tried to be honest and admits it on 60 minutes--do you know how easy it is to create using demonic energy? I do. Most of the supposed stars from the 60s to today are run-of the-mill sell-outs or worse. Not to mention, there is a lot of great talent in the underground the stars steal from all the time. I have seen this side of the arts too much! There was a documentary out about a man "Ramblin' Jack', for example, who everyone in Dylan's day thought Bob was rippin from... As well, Joni Mitchell called him out on his plagiarism...

I like to think Jimi Hendrix didn't know, but his manager sure did. One of the few I can think of who might have been pure and started to say what was really happening was Buckley.
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