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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle FierySky
Post Content
Yoga - I am going to have to update my list on here soon, but the fact that yoga was designed to tune our bodies to communicate with hindu gods is undisputed... and the indians don't seem to discern between demons and gods... they are all the same group of supernatural, if you will...

my personal story:

I was on a hallucinogen w a homeboy who was sort of a friend--I had known him for a while but he was a bit of a rough character and was more a friend of a friend than anything... he was a nice guy though, just misdirected, like so many...

While we were turning on and hanging out, I started practicing a yoga breathing technique I had recently learned... suddenly, homeboy jumps up and spits out his falsies at me (he was a boxer and he had fake front teeth) and attacks me... I jumped over a fence and guided him onto a construction site, and finally he calmed down... later he told me I looked like a demon had taken over me... I remember him yelling at me and pointing and saying something about the devil, but I just thought he was losing his mind...

He was not the kind of guy to lose his cool and more-over, he had a lot of experience on different substances... the whole thing was a bit disturbing to me at the time, especially since back then I used to have a blade on me a lot and I might have been forced to use it on him... something I really didn't want to do... I have a natural aversion to violence unless threatened or I see someone being harmed... then alll bets are off...

when I was making music and creating I was always accessing these realms without taking seriously or understanding the true nature of the dimensions I was accessing...

some of our music was undeniably demonic... looking back...
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There is salvation in Jesus Christ.
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