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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
to the moon... :) and Supersoldiers

The Moon: Vampiric entities Matt Todd talks about--I have seen them:

According to John Lear and others (Ingo Swann), the earth's moon is already inhabited and they are not friendly.

Occasionally, throughout history, people have been invited to the moon and some physically taken up there. There are some interesting stories regarding this online.

One of my most vivid dreams of the last couple of years I was on the moon. I did not see how I was brought there and who was protecting me, but I felt a sense of being protected.

Oddly, I was taken to a ski mountain on the moon and remember having an amazing time snowboarding, taking huge air off of bumps and generally having a great time.

I saw a couple of my closest friends there, too. When I came down from the mt. and went into the ski lodge, it was like I was being shown around. The last thing I remember, was looking over at two dudes who looked like normal ski dudes (white guys in their 20s-30s with long, dirty-blond hair, about shoulder length and probably blue eyes). When I looked at them I saw they were looking at me and I felt an evil energy coming from them--they looked like they wanted to mug me. I knew they wanted to take me outside the building and get me alone. I somehow knew they wanted to feed off of me energetically. They opened their mouths and glared their teeth at me: they were vampires. They had pointed, demonic teeth. They wagged their tongues at me--they were long, ugly tongues. I sensed that any moment they were going to grab me and although I felt protected, I blinked out of their and woke up, quite startled.

This too, mirrors what Matt Todd says about vampires he has encountered in the etheric. I am not sure if they were the possessed etheric bodies of drug users (a LOT of skiers drink and do substances--I have been in that culture my whole life.).

If you watch the youtube video about the voodoo priest, Earthquake Kelly, he also talks about the use of the etheric by the witches and sorcerers who run the luciferian agenda here on planet earth.

[link to www.youtube.com]

And if you watch this series, he goes into more detail that echo Carolyn Hamlett, Mark Cleminson and others:

[link to www.youtube.com]

At one point he talks about a "mer-man" who appears under his bed in the form of his father. This is significant if you know about Freeman's work on the "mer-folk" depicted on masonic lodges and talked about by some indigenous tribes. They are likely just demonic "gods" in the etheric. As well, he talks about being asked to give his soul for power and material gain and special abilities to get whatever he wants. I think it is significant that when he is undergoing this proposition he is taken to the outer atmosphere and sees the earth from high above it. Also significant is the power depicted that can be given to those who are the true advisers and rulers behind the scenes, as he is being groomed to help the President of Haiti rule the Haitian people. I have heard other testimonies to the effect that their are sun temples in every nation with highly trained priests who are consulted and direct world leaders.

Another interesting point is how (in the second Kelly interview) he sees that the witch he is working for is "milking" the people by keeping them always needing more protection from demon spirits, hiding behind the guise of God--these people refer to lucifer as god and when Mick Jagger sings "God gives me everything I want," we can safely conclude it is the same god Bob Dyman is talking about (see Pike, "Morals and Dogma")

I would argue that to some extent, this is going on in the churches of the world--they do not teach the people the full extent of spiritual knowledge they know and how to protect themselves--knowing full well that people will go out into the satanic culture and have troubles and come running back to them for help and paying tithes for it. Consciously or subconsciously, the churches are not teaching Christ's true message and as a result we are all free-willing ourselves into a technocratic satanic system of control. This is probably because, as research indicates (John Todd, et al) the church hierarchy is corrupted by jesuits and others.

Even more significant is the power Kelly sees true Christ-followers are given, over superstition and magic, in the form of powerful angels. Because magic essentially relies on manipulation of the demonic, it seems fitting that God would reward His people with a great deal of spiritual protection. The message seems clear: true Christ-followers do not need to be afraid. They need to exercise their free-will consent to do God's will. Nothing more. This is not happening.

Super Soldiers are afraid and working with limited means:

One thing is also evident from the Matt Todd videos I have seen: he is afraid. Very afraid. He puts on a good show, but all of the guys who astral travel and are aware are afraid of MIBs and other demonics. He and others could use better protection given freely by God when we seek salvation through Jesus Christ and do His bidding.

Matt Todd and other supersoldiers are relying on: occult means, or in Todds case, tesla coiled technology to generate orgone. Reich proved this works, back in the 50s, but he also proved that the protection is not significant enough to avoid the pitfalls of a satanic system. Like King Solomon, he falls victim to the hubristic pagan notion that we can defeat satan on our own. Only for a time, it seems to me.

BTW--I have a devise that Matt Todd talks about in one of his interviews, that uses Tesla coils. I got it before I realized al of this. I got it for protection from electro-smog and to "balance" my chakras and for other health-related things. I had exposure to severe toxicity at ground zero after 911 and was using every means but prayer to heal myself. I eventually found a technology developed by L.Ron Hubbard, another magician, that is free and was established by Tom Cruise for fire and rescue workers suffering from toxicity. It was amazing. I never thought to pray or turn to God while dealing with daily heart and chest pains, difficulty breathing, etc... It was only after healing myself that I came to the conclusions I have come to.

So I do think we can take things into our own hands with various results. But it is not God's plan and we can get on a slippery slope towards the demonic/egoic when we do.

True service to others is recognizing that we are expressions of the God's Divine and we should seek His will through Jesus Christ if we want eternaL life.

It is not complicated. I always get a an internal warniong when someone or something is too complicated.

Look around: God's plan is elegant and beautiful in its simplicity, while being infinitely complex.
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