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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
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shadow people

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FROM: Hola
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Thursday, October 4, 2012 12:34 PM

Shado people: trauma in the womb

I had weeks of nightmares and shadow people when I was little... never thought the shadow people were real until I saw pics of them in crop circles and elsewhere... then reading Graham Hancock's book "Supernatural" I realized how real the whole thing really is...

Then researching the former Illuminati/satanist group and the whole picture started to really open up...

a couple of years ago I asked my mom about the shadow people and she confessed she had them too when she was younger! I was like: gee, thanks for telling me!

She said only: well, I took you to church...

but you don't accept Christ into your heart until you are older... so less protection... and then you fall away because the satanic culture is so strong and unless you have parents who really walk their talk, nothing makes sense... I mean I grew up watching Disney! talk about trauma-based culture control: the mom's always die in their films! :)

As well, my mom tried to abort me when I was in the womb using herbs from a woman I think as a bit of a witch--I think this was demonic influence on her before she had any protection through Christ... what a set-up... she was only 21 and things didn't go well with her and my dad because they both have demons in their lives... my dad thinks meditating is the only way to deal with them because he thinks mechanistically, rather than spiritually... there are over 400 cases of abductee sufferers (demonic principalities and NWO demonic hybrids) getting rid of the phenomenon through a humble relationship with Jesus Christ... that's on my list too...

if you follow the "super-soldier" phenomenon they traumatize you in the womb... I think that happened to me, when the witch gave my mom the poisons... these things--mind-control, drugs, poison, etc, open us up to demons...

I survived the "abortion" but carried many demons with me and think I may even have been used as an etheric soldier... Matt Todd talks about this... minute 25: ( [link to www.youtube.com] people who use a lot of substances, especially artists, are being used on the etheric by the principalities and sorcerers... he doesn't seem to be aware of the spiritual rules and basically probably doesn't believe Jesus Christ even walked the earth... so he has developed all these elaborate ways to protect himself, but he still lives in fear... I am not interested in living in fear... and there is plenty of good evidence to suggest that all of the historical ideas that Christ did not exist is just another satanic deception... wouldn't doubt it for a second, given how much deception appears to be a part of our current reality and

I suspect they use these etheric soldiers to assist in world-changing events... I have recall of exhausting dreams where I am assassinating and working with shamans in S. America... I "coincidentally" was in China just before Tian An Men, smoked a lot of hash the entire time... in high school I was in Berlin before the wall came down and we always got drunk every night there... etc...

I was in NYC before, during and after 911, used a lot of entheogens, had an OBE where I watched the plane go down in Queens in real time--I know this because my friend called me right after it happened and woke me up from this experience...

I am also a terrific shot w a gun and bow and arrow... the last "assignment" I was on a roof top and shot some dude from couple hundred yards... an easy shot... I awoke wondering why?

The list goes on and on... dreams w witches trying to seduce me... see Carolyn Hamlett... Now I talk back to them and tell them they need to accept Jesus Christ... they can never hope to win in a conflict with the Creator...

Also on my list is Chris Everard's take on the use of drugs to access the demons and a German documentary that illustrates pretty clearly that tptb have orchestrated the entire "counter-culture" drug culture, coinciding with the technological "progress" so that now we are all wired into a grid more controlling and sadistic than ever...

contrast that with a culture that was truly Christ-centered and what that would look like: a loving, kind, and altruistic culture where miracles happen every day, we communicate without technology and live a more family-friendly agrarian life-style... die peacefully in our sleep at around 140 yrs of age without any disease and move into the Heavens for eternity...

looks to me like we have all been duped into a satanic big brother technocracy... :)

Have you see the debunking of the History Channels "Ancient Aliens" series? I mean Zacharia Sitchin never even sites his sources... that would be like you never siting where in the Pistis Sophia you read something... highly dubious at best, some say they doubt he could even read Sumerian... and the outright lies of the peeps on the History Channel boggle the imagination, unless you see it as they probably do: entertainment and a way to make bling... :) but imagine all the people and especially kids watching that and believing it! as satanic as it gets if it dams their soul energies... IMHO

Bases 4 Part 1 James Casbolt. & Matt Todd
By Miles Johnston Johnston| 1 video
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