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Message Subject John Lear may be wrong about Christ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
one thing I think most of us do not understand and I didn't until recently is that demons are real and come in many forms and from what Roger Morneau says, at least 1/3rd of them are beautiful fun-loving beings... who ultimately did not see the need to obey God... and who work through us when we open ourselves up to them... to deceive us... why? because we still have a choice... and experience the pleasure of God's creation in a way that they cannot... that's why they like blood sacrifices and massive wars... the destruction of God's most precious creation, in His likeness...

Now, according to the bible, lucifer was created as perfect, yet he rebelled... sort of like HAL in Kubrick's 2001...

However, God did not choose to destroy lucifer/satan... quite the contrary, he decided to use him, IMO, as a catalyst to separate the wheat from the weeds... Book of Enoch says that many of the demon spirits are the Nephilim.. so we can conclude the same is true of them...

So we are living in a place where we can exercise free will, but if we want eternal life, we need to learn humility, not rebelliousness... a form of wisdom that would never speak about Christ in such a way, if only because he represents something sacred: God's promise that imperfect as we all are, if we learn humility and choose to be wise servants of the ultimate Creator, he will forgive us and make us perfect in the afterlife...

Ever tended a garden or bees? The creative process is often destructive and lately it occurs to me that God will not keep all of his creations, just the ones that make sense to Him... ones with free-will wisdom to at least desire to work with Him...

I personally look forward to this, as the fascistic state I see coming and that is already here, does not leave me much hope for the secular future. I think we are entering a surreal and insane time in human history, much as I like a sense of humor... and the last thing I would do is make fun of the Divine... IMHO...

I expect the NWO to initially use kid-gloves, but once they take over completely, I don't think earth will be worth inhabiting for people like us... if only because the exercise of free-will will be superficial, at best...

Of course, seeing as how everything seems right on schedule according to the Bible, we can expect a second coming, however before that, some crazy horrific times... given the litany already upon us, I think respect is in order... for that matter, perhaps if enough people chose Christ over UN/satan, we might have an easier time... no one can argue that the current system is being brought in by true Christ-followers... Christ-centered people would not usher in such a controlling system... it is our failings to live up to Christ, IMO, that are being used by the other-dimensional demonic beings to usher in our own free-will self-enslavement.

the sheep appear to be herding themselves... and my research is showing me that if calling on Christ can eliminate the abduction phenomenon, what else can it do?

We should not be hubristic enough to think we can do it on our own, with self-deifying notions like yoga and meditation, et al... Not saying it is easy to humble servants of God and to admit our imperfections... but maybe that is the point...
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