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The Race Card: Liberals are retards.

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09/26/2012 06:05 PM
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The Race Card: Liberals are retards.
Many "liberals" believe anyone who opposes the idea of another 4 yrs under Obama is racist. Wouldn't they actually be the prejudice minded ones for assuming race is even a factor? Quit pulling the race card, ignore color for once, and start recognizing 4 years of blatant warning signs. I would much rather spend the next 4 yrs under a potentially one sided administration than be conned into allowing our country to be driven into the ground, like a blazing zeppelin, by a charismatic Marxist with a pearly white smile.
They usually use the "He took over the mess George w. Bush made" excuse, as well. (1) He knew what mess he was getting himself into. (2) He knew liberal America would CONTINUE to blame Bush, which would make it much easier for him to destroy us from the inside and (potentially) use martial law as a tool to use executive orders and implement totalitarianism.

There are too many, for a lack of better words, RETARDED people in this country who have no knowledge of our political system and will vote for him only because he is black (hypocrites) or because the Bush administration caused them to have a biased opinion towards conservative politics. There are also many LGBT individuals who won't vote for the GOP candidates because they think they will be refused their rights, forgetting that Obama didn't support their rights until 2 months ago. Also, the women who can't settle for Romney's stance on abortion (rape, incest, life threatening medical conditions) which is honestly quite flexible, IMO, and would prefer to keep abortion as a form of birth control for irresponsible college age drunks, and for prostitutes who have allergic reactions to wire hangers. Obama's view of abortion goes beyond embryo stage termination. Not like removing a glob of undeveloped tissue which can debated back and forth for eternity. He supports partial birth abortions, a disgusting and inhumane way of murdering children who are developed enough to live outside of the womb. Crazy how the same people who cry about baby seals being clubbed support this, isn't it? A lot of people say "it's just tissue" ignoring the fact that it has human DNA and will potentially grow into a fully developed human being. Congratulations to those with this mindset of "if it doesn't look like me it's not human", how does it feel to think the same way as those who supported slavery?

It's A DOCUMENTED FACT that the 2008 election pulled a record number of black votes. This also indicates racism, as a high percentage of eligible voters were never interested enough in politics to vote before their own race was involved.
UNkLE |3UCK +/- (OP)

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United States
09/27/2012 03:07 PM
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Re: The Race Card: Liberals are retards.