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Message Subject Matrix of 188 Pt 4 Segment 2 .... 188 LEY-LINE MERKABA REVEALS POLE SHIFT MARCH 2013?!?
Poster Handle Ministar
Post Content

Great vid (segment 2) all makes sense, I just know this, it resonates within me. Thank you! hf
 Quoting: Ministar

awesome Ministar


glad you understand it so quickly. I expect it will take more time for most to understand and integrate the material being on such a high frequency. It took me many months of research, compiling all the data and then going over and over it to understand everything I was being shown and kept discovering so I could articulate it properly in more simplified laymens terms. Nassim, Drunvalo and Kavassilas were just a few who helped and enabled me to present this or make several discoveries possible. I hope at some point THEY will see these vids since it validates as well as ILLUSTRATES what they've been teaching and takes it to a whole different level!
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

The funny thing is.. I do not like maths at all and was very bad at it when I went to school haha.. but the info you show in your vids, I just know this inside, not to be learned by your brain, like they teach you something in school. When I was watching your vids, I just saw some pictures by forehand in myself and yep.. there was the same picture(s) in your vid. I first also watched some vids by Drunvalo, but I stopped watching.. found him like some kind of new age guru.. and I am also familiar with George Kavasillas.. although I first came on a dutch site called Indigo Revolution which pretty much give the same info as George does. When I read that the earth will turn into a star.. I just cried, from inside out! But what you are showing us is awesome!!! I love it and it resonates within. I also hope the 3 gentleman you have mentioned will watch your vids. hf
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