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Message Subject Matrix of 188 Pt 4 Segment 2 .... 188 LEY-LINE MERKABA REVEALS POLE SHIFT MARCH 2013?!?
Poster Handle pray_Italy
Post Content
Hy OP, sorry about posting in this thread so "late" but I really was up to other things lately....... Anyhow, congrats for the nice work you have put into this segment, nicely done.

ALTHOUGH.... LOL, don't get mad at me, allright :) it's only me personal opinion so take it for what it is, ok?

-quite sloooow and a little bit tooo much animation
-don't go down the road in FINDING numberolgy to ALL your findings. I understand that the basic numbers appear to be important to your findings BUT do NOT exagerate in SEARCHING for connections where they (probably) aren't there.
I mean f. ex. the correlation of 64 with 188 turning it into 1x8x8=64 is REALLY not the way you should GO with your findings as it might put you OFF track and lead to things which really have NOTHING to do with the way you state it.
You do NOT HAVE an obligation to JUSTIFYING or EXPLAINING all the findings/number you come up with. Your main point should rather be that your findings ARE WHAT THEY ARE and not always LOOK for why and where they might come from. This really derails the entire awesomeness of your theory.
-don't extend it to other planets, I mean with the 19.47 and so forth. Stick to planet EARTH, Markaba, Golden ratio and so on which are the REAL FUNDAMENTS of the theory and avoid GOING "out of the box"

Regarding the dates, here's what I have found (might not be accurate, so please verify) since the last quake BACK to 2008 only (but should be enough for the explanatory purpose of it):

Hits (i. e. exact 188 days away from the previous date):
20/03/2012 7.4 Oaxaca, Mexico
15/09/2011 7.3 Fiji
11/03/2011 9.0 Honshu, Japan
03/09/2010 7.0 New Zealand
27/02/2010 8.8 Bio, Chile
23/08/2009 --NIL--
18/02/2009 7.0 Kermadec Island
14/08/2008 --NIL--
08/02/2008 6.9 Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge

Near hits (the two dates --NIL-- above):
28/08/2009 6.9 Banda Sea (+ 5 days)
08/09/2008 6.9 Vanuatu (+25 days)

Other 7.0+ EQs "out of the 188 day cycle":
11/04/2012 8.6 Sumatra
23/07/2010 7.6 Mindanao, Philippines
09/11/2009 7.3 Fiji
07/10/2009 7.8 Vanuatu
29/09/2009 8.1 Samoa Island
15/07/2009 7.8 New Zealand
15/01/2009 7.4 Kuril Islands
03/01/2009 7.7 Papua, Indonesia
16/11/2008 7.4 Sulawesi, Indonesia
05/07/2008 7.7 Sea of Okhotsk
12/05/2008 7.9 Suchan, China
02/02/2008 7.4 Simeulue, Indonesia

SOOOO, what bothers me personally is the correlation of the ACCURACY of your theory in respect of the quakes' locations WHEREAS on the other hand there is no real hardcore evidence as yet CONFIRMING the "188 day cycle" which however was able to ping DEAD ON 7 of the last 9 dates, so this is pretty much WELL BEYOND the odds of being random, I give you that.

I just cannot but wonder WHAT THE HELL it is that we... ROFL, sorry... YOU are missing in this respect. What might be the explanation of these "fluctuations", I mean 7 out of 9 truly points into this direction whereas there just HAS TO BE an explanation ALSO for the other EQs. Some ecliptic object orbiting/influencing Earth is the only thing that comes to mind or maybe something seasonal (188/6 i.e. half year, 6 moon cycles, equinox related) or stuff like that which may have AT GIVEN TIMES something that ENFORCES their effects at some point DURING entire 188 day cycle which may account for the quakes which happen OUT OF THE PATTERN.

I hope I made myself clear, this pretty much come out all at once so I hope I was able to explain it in an understandable fashion, allright?

BTW, would it possible for you to post somewhere (also imageshake or site like that) a map of Italy with the leylines as I wonder WHERE it passes through? Just if you don't mind.
I am putting together some stuff based ALSO including your ley lines for the Italian National Instute, but you'll understand that eventhough they DON'T care much about such "theories" as quakes are NOT predictable I try to put together as much compelling material as possible for future EQs to happen here in Italy.

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