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Message Subject Matrix of 188 Pt 4 Segment 2 .... 188 LEY-LINE MERKABA REVEALS POLE SHIFT MARCH 2013?!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Interesting how the Great Pyramid builders were just short of 3,600 km from Stonehenge.

Great Pyramid - Stonehenge = 3599.7 km (3600.1 km from Sphinx)
 Quoting: NDC777

none of the so called miraculous feats of earlier civilizations are odd once one understands the truth of our coming to exist here in flesh bodies, and the truth of what became of us in the prior Age that brought about such a drastic change in our status in the first place.

those of us now known as "the fallen angels" didn't have their memories erased, nor did they suffer themselves to enter flesh as we have (which is why they've been sentenced to death at the end of this Age).

we knew and understood all these so called miraculous things in that prior Age as we were and are the children of the living God. "the fallen" simply retained such knowledge whereby upon falling to earth in this Age they lorded such awareness over their brethren who had suffered themselves to be "born innocent" of that prior Age, and all they had done therein at the time of the rebellion, in effort to redeem themselves into the heirarchy of the Heavenly Kingdom.

it's no great feat that the fallen angels appeared as gods to their brethren, now born into the humble estate of flesh without any memory of their own past.

what is odd however, is how these of the fallen utilized such obvious unfair advantage to make a mockery of humankind, their own kind in flesh bodies, killing and having them kill one another as "sacrifices" to themselves as they preened about pretending they were our gods and/or our creators. suffering us to their contaminations such as injecting many with rhesus factor aka monkey DNA in order to effect a more perfect "slave race" for themselves to defile at that time (much the same as they are having their fleshly minions do to us at present tense, in one form or another, because evil never rests).

when they fell from grace they left no stone unturned in doing so in truth, and they will pay an extraordinary price for their lack of discretion most of soon. while those of us who succeed in the redemption offered by our trial in flesh once again put on the cloak of immortality at the turning of this Age into the next known as the Millennium Age, these will be annihilated in no uncertain terms.

understanding astronomy, ley lines, energy vortexs, crystal power, creating pyramids, etc., was a no brainer to them just as it was to us in the prior dispensation of time here upon our own earth, which had always been our home. they simply made good upon same to elevate themselves above us in this second earth Age because that's just the type of guys they were and are in truth - no good through and through, satanic minions in full without redemption, without shame, without honor, and most assuredly without a future due in full to such.

when they are turned to ashes from within at the final Trump they will receive their just reward, never again to be remembered after the fact... poof. being "blotted out" accordingly is a fitting end to the likes of these, as will also befall their mentor and leader in crime, lucifer, aka the prodigal and actual "original sin."

we've been taking both the "hell" and the "heat" for those which are in fact beneath us long enough at this point, hence it all draws to it's sure conclusion most of soon.
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