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Typhoon Jelawat Update

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3599024
09/28/2012 07:18 AM
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Typhoon Jelawat Update

Tropical Storm Jelawat is Heading for Japan on Sunday September 30, 2012 it will bring Very Strong Winds and Heavy Rain for Japan the Trees will be Knocked over and it will also Bring Stormy Conditions on the Shores of the Japan Especially in Tokyo it will be Very Windy and Heavy Rain Rough Surf will be at the Shores in Japan on Sunday the Waves will be very Big and Telephone Poles and Transformers will be Down People in Japan Be Prepared have your Rubber Boots and Rain Coats Ready and Have your Cell Phones Charged and Have Extra Batteries and Flashlights and Candles Ready and the Streets will be Flooded in Tokyo Japan Don't Drive your Car through the Flood or your Car will get Stalled and Break Down in the Middle of the Flood.

[link to www.anotherdayinsydney.blogspot.com]