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09/28/2012 02:42 PM
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By Andrew C. Wallace
September 28, 2012

Replacing Tyranny with Unlimited Freedom and Prosperity

Most Government Officials, Judges, and Employees are incompetent, corrupt or cowardly……….they will frame, prosecute, convict and jail you for their own benefit regardless of truth, justice or the law. Believe it, if you don’t know this you are uninformed and naïve. Every word in this paper has a specific meaning for patriots, and frankly I don’t give a damn about the people who insist on being stupid and naïve. Read “Classified Woman” by Sibel Edmonds and “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer for the truth which you will find difficult to believe. They are only two of the countless whistleblowers. People who get their news from the Establishment owned Media are brainwashed dupes of the Marxists in both parties……. If you look to government or the media for help with criminal acts by government you will most likely be framed and prosecuted by them to protect their own.

More than half of Federal Government Agencies, and most actions taken by them are Unconstitutional, because the entire government has been usurped by Marxist traitors who rob us, kill us, deny us due process of law and our God given Constitutional Rights……Most members of the media are Marxist enemies of our Constitutional Republic.

There is No Justice for the people because traitorous usurpers control our Federal Government. However, our Founders gave us the Constitutional Militia of the Several States to enforce laws of the Republic under these circumstances…….If all else fails, the Declaration of Independence gives us, as sovereigns, the right to abolish or alter the government.

Your Governor can initiate the Constitutional Militia of the Several States, refuse to follow unconstitutional laws (Nullification), and ask your county Sheriffs (who have power superior to anyone) to deny Federal Agents access to the people while we abolish their Unconstitutional Federal Agencies……The Militia would refuse to obey orders from a President who could not prove his qualifications, in fact they could arrest him.

Corrupt or Cowardly Federal Agents, Prosecutors, and Judges deny Due Process and Constitutional Rights to citizens by arrest, incarceration, prosecution, conviction, forfeiture and overwhelming legal costs without any Due Process These government employees are criminals and are hated by the people they abuse with unconstitutional laws or orders……The Nuremburg Trials after World War II settled the issue once and for all, there is no legal protection for government employees who abuse the people, with or without orders, they are subject to being hung. If their actions cause a civil war they are subject to being shot on sight by the people…….. If we can’t defeat the Establishment Elites and their Usurping Traitors in government with the Rule of Law, then please God let the first Blood be on their hands, and the people will finish it.

Government Employee Unions are the most Corrupt and Treasonous Unconstitutional Marxist form of government and must be abolished at all costs. Also, employees of non government organizations should never be required to join a union in order to work.

There was a time that is no more, but will be again, when a poor family consisted of a man and a women who taught their children right from wrong with guidance from the Bible, Church, and School. Children were taught that Equal Justice (Equal Opportunity) is guaranteed under our Constitution, but Social Justice (Theft and Redistribution by dole) is not. Charity is available from Churches and others. Government handouts to the poor, corporations, charities, foundations, countries or anyone else are crimes under the Republic. Unconstitutional Financial Handouts and resulting dependency of the poor, destroys the family, creates poverty, criminals, death and destruction.

Today’s so called poor Families in the inner city Marxist Utopias were all started by undereducated and clueless mothers starting at about age 13 without any proper guidance except the government dole. These Marxist Breeding Pens, you can’t call them families(which are the foundation for civil society and the target of marxism), now consist of only women and children on the dole. The 13 year old girl can expect to be at least a Great Great Grandmother by age 60. These Breeding Pens only include men when sperm is needed by those of child bearing ages to increase family income from the government. The rule is simple, if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed.This is the Marxist design for humanity and accomplishes nothing but destruction and death contrary to our Constitution and the Bible. Children born into these circumstances develop deep resentments and hatred leading to criminality that is encouraged by poverty pimps, opportunists, Affirmative Action teachers and Marxists of both parties……This must end, as death and destruction has always been the accelerating result.

Children born into Marxist Democrat Inner City Hell Holes without proper Families or Biblical training will, with few exceptions be vicious predators without feelings, morals, ethics, or remorse, they are born that way and it has nothing to do with race. The law abiding in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles should be armed and trained to defend themselves against the criminal children of their neighbors. The Marxist officials in these inner cities have done everything possible to prevent the law abiding from being armed out of fear that their hatred will lead to deadly attacks on Officials.

Marxists have no use for the ignorant and non productive criminals produced in the inner cities except to destroy our Republic, and when that is done they should continue to follow Hitler’s lead and kill them.

The greatest prevailing myth is that Police can protect the people, they can’t, nor is it their legal responsibility. Most Police Officers are Law Enforcement Officers, not Peace Officers, and are seen by the poor with good cause as the hated Occupation Force for corrupt Officials. When I was a Peace Officer, there was mutual respect and the people had my back.

It must be pointed out that there are more poor Whites than Blacks, but a much larger percentage of Blacks are poor than Whites.

There is a Massive Labor SHORTAGE for entry or low level jobs because government gives people more in benefits not to work, than the average employer can afford to pay them. This is an example of Unconstitutional Social Justice (Redistribution) which we must end …….or an economic collapse will end it for us with terrible consequences.

It must be understood that both political parties, banks, media, large corporations, foundations, unions and the Establishment Elites have been combined into a criminal and treasonous gang for over 100 years. This gang has been using our usurped government to steal everything in this country and to enslave us contrary to the Constitution……. The Unconstitutional Laws and criminal actions are too numerous to be counted, much less corrected one at a time, we must terminate them all at once by cutting off their theft of our money, returning to a constitutional Republic and eliminating more than 50% of government departments, policies, laws and employees in a few massive actions.

There is a proven law enforcement technique to reduce crime. If an employee should be expected to know that others are corrupt and does not report and act on it, then he is also guilty……. If you read the books by Lindauer and Edmonds you would want a majority of government employees to be prosecuted for corruption, theft and treason.

Very soon our paper money will be recognized as worthless due to unconstitutional government theft causing a total collapse of our economic system. There will be no essentials or food in the stores.The only source of food for inner city residents will be each other, because after rape and pillage, the only option is Cannibalism.

We must stop illegals from entering our country and deport all illegals remaining in our country even those born here to illegals using whatever massive force is required. Our people have a Constitutional Right to be protected from impoverishment and suffering from disease, crime, loss of jobs, and related government expenses caused by the failure of government to enforce laws against illegals……..either our officials enforce our laws or they must go to jail.

Unlimited Prosperity, Freedom and Employment for all can be available in a few months.

As it was prior to 1913, it will be again, No Income Tax, No Private Federal Reserve Bank, and No Tax Free Foundations, but, with tariffs to support government and good wages for employees of manufacturers who must return to sell here. We will simply return to our prosperous ways prior to 1913 when the Establishment Elites and their Marxist associates converted our country into a massive piggy bank for manipulation, funding of wars, fraud, and theft from the Republic.

Without income taxes our people will quickly prosper, the lawful size of the Federal government would be funded by tariffs and excise taxes. Constitutional gold and silver money, which can’t be printed, would further control government criminality.

read the rest at the link below
[link to www.newswithviews.com]

"A Nation Of Sheep Soon Begets A Government Of Wolves"

"For what are fifty, what a thousand slaves, match'd to the sinew of a single arm that
strikes for Liberty?"