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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked (Full Movie)
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
I didn't take the time to watch the video or read through the posts.

I don't believe in the ancient alient hypothesis.

Take the pyramids of Egypt. When one looks at the EVOLUTION of Egyptian pyramid building, one sees that the earliers ones were far from perfect. They were small, geometrically imperfect, and unstable, often collapsing in on themselves after a couple generations. It took the Egyptians CENTURIES of trial and error (and the discovery of the pythagorean theorem) to perfect their building technique. . .

And besides, the pyramid is probably the easiest structure to build - they aren't exactly known for tipping over! (Now, if the ancients had built skyscrapers, I'd be impressed. . .)
 Quoting: kamalayka


another perfect example of incredible human ignorance.

ZERO EVIDENCE to support the claim and inference.

ZERO EVIDENCE to show exactly how and where any of the evidence that contradicts your claim, is wrong.

[link to www.youtube.com]

I could list hundreds of FACTS you wouldn't even begin to grasp that refute your claim/inference which includes the Great Pyramid is the easist structure to build.

Is that why with all the technology today, science cannot duplicate the advanced design of that PYRAMID?

you seriously need to do some real research and maybe you'll realize how ignorant your comment is.
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