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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked (Full Movie)
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
The burden of proof lies with the person making the POSITIVE Assertion (you), not the negative one (me).

Science 101: if a person comes along with a new claim, it is THEIR responsibility to prove THEIR claim - it is not everybody else's responsibility to defend the accepted one!

Now, if I am change the subject. . .

If you wish for us all to believe that ETs were involved in our past, then offer irrefutable proof. Don't give us obscure cave drawing or texts open to interpretation. Give us something concrete, like a mummified alien body or piece of technology.
 Quoting: kamalayka

you CLAIM such a pyramid is easy to build, yet you ignore the FACT that the design and measurements are so advanced, modern science could not duplicate them...So here's more than ample evidence proving the EGYPTIANS COULD NOT HAVE BUILT THE PYRAMIDS as the lies and ignorance of modern science claims which you blindly believe without understanding any of this data and evidence.

Modern egyptologist's claim it was the Egyptian's...

But they were astronomically primitive...

A recent discovery proves the Great Pyramid design was based upon the most complex astrological measurement we know of...

The 25,920 year measurement of precession turns out to be the major measurement incorporated into the design of the Great Pyramid and the true reason the Great Pyramid was built...

How could the Egyptians accurately measure precession?

A 25,920 year movement?

They couldn't...

It proves the Egyptians could NOT have built them...

so lets keep analyzing the data to see WHO DID!

conventional Egyptologists clam they are suppose to be tombs for the kings...

Well, if you look at the other tombs in the valley of the kings... you'd notice hieroglyph's all over them...

The Great Pyramid has no hieroglyph's...

Recently it was proven that the two major pyramids that surround the Great Pyramid create along with the Great Pyramid an earthly map of the belt of Orion... The shafts of the Great Pyramid have been shown to align perfectly with key stars of the Zodiac at major changes of the various houses of the Zodiac which is compelling evidence the Great Pyramid is a monumental solar time clock!

Oh, its also been proven that our own map of Capitol's or Stars of Europe, Asia and Africa also align to the major stars in the Zodiac...

In other words if you looked down upon the Earth from above at the capitols of those three countries... you could trace the 12 signs of the Zodiac perfectly...

How could a primitive culture have created such an advanced geometric design that would just happen to MIRROR such locations from ABOVE?

"Also 'almost impossible', since the mathematical value opi (3.14) is not supposed to have been calculated by any civilization until the Greeks stumbled upon it in the third century BC, is the fact the designed height of the Great Pyramid - 481.3949 feet - bears the same relationship to its base perimeter (3023.16 feet) as does the circumference of any circle to its radius.
Equally 'impossible' - at any rate for a people like the ancient Egyptians who are supposed to have known nothing about the true shape and size of our planet - is the relationship, in a scale of 1 : 43,200, that exists between the dimensions of the Pyramid and the dimensions of the earth. Setting aside for the moment the question of whether we are dealing with coincidence here, it is a simple fact, verifiable on any pocket calculator, that if you take the monument's original height (481.3949 feet) and multiply it by 43,200 you get a quotient of 3938.685 miles. This is an underestimate by just 11 miles of the true figure for the polar radius of the earth (3949 miles) worked out by the best modern methods. Likewise, if you take the monument's perimeter at the base (3023.16 feet) and multiply this figure by 43,200 then you get 24,734.94 miles - a result that is within 170 miles of the true equatorial circumference of the earth (24,902 miles). Moreover, although 170 miles sounds quite a lot, it amounts, in relation to the earth's total circumference, to a minus-error of only three quarters of a single per cent."

But wait, THERE'S MORE! And you can pick any of this data to refute when you have time that presents more overwhelming EVIDENCE that the Giza Pyramid could not have been designed by the Egyptians. But then, as its been pointed out, the pyramid has been shown to be over 10,000 years old!

The Great Pyramid was constructed between 3809 B.C. and 2896 B.C.(according to multiple mortar samples that were tested for carbon-14 dating in1986 in Zurich, Switzerland) and we, now in the beginning of the third millennium, still do not have either the technology or engineering skills to duplicate that magnificent structure. In fact, it is still a puzzle in regard to HOW it was built!

[link to youtu.be]

[link to www.metrum.org]

The Great Pyramid is the most perfectly aligned structure in the world.
Its alignment is superior to that produced by laser technology.
The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of 1 : 43,200.
The enormous granite and limestone blocks are so precisely placed that the joints are less than one fiftieth of an inch in thickness. The joints are held by a type of "cement" the composition of which we have been unable to determine.
It contains a complete astronomical catalogue of our solar system.
It contains, in its various ratios and dimensions, the quantum physics of light.
The Great Pyramid's height is in relationship to its base sides as a circles' radius is to its circumference ( 1/2 Pi ).
There are absolutely no Egyptian artifacts (tools or records) that indicate that it was the Egyptians who built The Great Pyramid.

Some of the stone work performed in the construction of The Great Pyramid requires high speed diamond tipped drills that operate at an efficiency of approximately 500 times the efficiency and power of our contemporary tools.
The ancient Egyptians had neither the tools nor the technology nor the mathematics to create The Great Pyramid. There are no records regarding the construction of The Great Pyramid nor does The Great Pyramid contain any hieroglyphics.

The "language" of The Great Pyramid is mathematics and symbols. The most obvious mathematical expression is Pi and most of its geometric expressions are centered around the astronomy of the Sun's apparent movement around the Earth. The Great Pyramid is a monument to light.

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to mostafa198.blogspot.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

Pyramidologists have carefully measured every single and complex dimensions of the pyramid of Giza, inside and out and have made many startling revelations. The pyramid is a representation of the earth, the moon, the sun, the solar system and its bodies and the year. Outside of the Mayan calendar, it is the the most accurate representation of basic time periods on earth set in stone.

To recap again, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx have been dated back to at least 10.500 BC!

The latitude of the Great Pyramid (29° 58’ 51”).
The alignment to the four cardinal points (North, South, East West)
The slope angle of the faces of the Great Pyramid (51° 50’ 34”)
The obliquity of the Earth axis (23° 26’)
To get an idea of the precision that went into the construction of the Great Pyramid and the delicacy of the parameters mentioned above, consider its alignment to the 4 cardinal points. The meridian running through the Great Pyramid deviates from the perfect North-South meridian by 3 arc minutes (3/60 part of a degree). With all our modern technology this precision couldn’t even be achieved in the construction of the Greenwich Observatory in London that marks the Prime Meridian of the world with an inaccuracy of 9 arc minutes and is therefore three times less accurate than the Great Pyramid!

With this stunning accuracy in the back of our minds we can start to appreciate the accuracy that went into the design of this sunlight reflection phenomena of the Great Pyramid.

Most Egyptologists however are VERY RELUCTANT to re-date Egyptian history or relate anything that old to the first Egyptian period, since it would mean that for the past 150 years, all their assumptions about the beginnings of Egyptian Civilisation was based on faulty information and therefore...well, wrong....

And archaelogists and anthropologists don't like that too much...especially if they've been publishing books touting their own theories...and it is hard to retract once one has published in hard print....sort of like un-ringing a bell...!

Did a distant civilization with complex astrological measurements build the Great Pyramid in Giza?


The base and height of the great pyramid in Giza is 280 and 440 Royal Cubits. That's 720 Cubits total base and height. A perfect Dekan or 1/36th of 25,920 the exact measurement of "procession. A solar based theology wouldn't been able to understand procession.

It was an earlier culture.

The egyptian calendar was broken up into dekan's and 1/36th was a Holy
fraction in their theology. Which they inherited from a previous more advanced universal theology society, that accurately measured procession. This isn't a CHANCE measurement but a built in measurement of the most important number to a society that understood the Zodiac and Procession.The egyptians inherited the Pyramids. They aren't egyptian!

SO IF HUMANS didn't possess the TECHNOLOGY to build such structures, WHO DO YOU THINK DID, or are you not able to comprehend the SIMPLE AND ONLY LOGICAL ANSWER?

You're turn ;)

he he
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