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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked (Full Movie)
Poster Handle wowie grrl
Post Content
Jeez, don't get all worked up. Why so defensive?

And I never claimed building the pyramids was easy. I just said that the pyramid shape is the most stable.

It takes a lot more ingenuity to build a skyscraper than a pyramid.

And you never rebuked my claims: how do you explain the fact that pyramid design GRADUALLY evolved throughout the centuries? Did the aliens who could master interstellar travel need time to figure it out? Or is the more likely scenario true - that people slowly, through trial and error, learned how to build bigger and better pyramids as time went on?

And why is there nothing left behind? Surely there would be a piece of ancient space technology, or even a mummified corpse.

And even if, even IF, it turns out to be true that an advanced intelligence did help ancient man, then why do you assume it was ETs? Why not technologically advanced Atlanteans or time travellers or some other likely thing?

And do you honestly think that scientists would choose to ignore such a stunning discovery? Sure, you can argue that some might avoid the topic
out of peer pressure, but it still doesn't mean that they can't examine your claim in secret. And why have not any retired scientists, with nothing to lose, come out of the woodwork in support of such fanciful notions? Many scientists DREAM of making the next great discovery. If there was ANY merit to the ancient alien hypothesis, then you can be sure researchers would have been all over it left and right.

And one more thing: why haven't any of these proponents of ancient alien hypothesis managned to publish even just ONE paper in a credible or semi-credible
 Quoting: kamalayka

the pyramid design didn't evolve as you describe. The oldest pyramids are the great pyramids. these are perfect and without decoration. then there are the crumbling pyramids, these are the attempts by later generations to replicate the perfect structures. these are decorated and used as tombs. they were understandably thought to be older, as they were in such disrepair. Then they slowly perfected the building and made the smaller pyramids, decorated and used as tombs. these structures are a far cry from the sphinx and great pyramids, the great pyramids have puzzled experts throughout history, as we don't see the trial and error of their construction, their purpose for being constructed in the first place as they weren't used as tombs, and they way they were sealed kept them pristine inside until mainstream exploration in well recorded modern times.
basically, this dubunking video takes the far fetched theories and toutes them as the leading "proof" of ancient alien theory. it is a misrepresentation of the theory.
the ancient alien series was simply presenting theories, and many theories at that. not on single "expert" was claiming to know these things as truth. so to say the series contradicted itself is stupid - it wasn't offering a linear theory...
basically, I was just thinking about ancient aliens as a theory for fun, but to see a well-known christian film maker start his movie with "I have no bias and am presenting these facts objectively" makes me wonder.
I came away from this video with more questions than were answered. basically because this isn't offering any facts, just old theories for the methods used for building, but mostly just "the bible is saying otherwise and we trust the bible more than ancient texts" and the half truth about the dead sea scrolls? wow - I have seen them when they toured the scrolls and have several books with translations of the scrolls. the scrolls are records of SEVERAL religeous texts, not just hebrew bible, and yes, there are discrepencies with our modern bible. and there are scrolls that are word for word verbatim with our bibles today. this fact alone should show how biased the filmmaker was.
i just like to explore theories, and I need more than "the bible says otherwise " to make me stop doing that.
the bible also says I can't be around my family during the time of my moon, and that I must be subservient to men. I think there's a big difference to showing men due respect and being subservient, and a talking snake caused the fall of man. this is more credible than ancient aliens?
step out of the dark ages people! this theory in no way hurts my faith in God. I believe the early church has hidden certain facts and murdered those who refused to abandon their "pagan" practices, to ensure power, and tithes ($) would be given to the church for the rest of history.
anybody care to refute such claims? (re: the bible and history of the killings done by the church) be warned, history is not on your side here! this is all in well documented times, as the filmmaker boasts, so this is no longer theory, but fact.
the church has a giant vested interest in keeping us in the dark here. that doesn't make the theory true, just makes the church unreliable here, as a basis for refuting the theory.
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