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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked (Full Movie)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I watched this video. The guy is really grasping to debunk this stuff. Kind of like someone in denial.

He avoids obvious things like being able to hoist an 800 ton block and move it a mile or couple of miles. AND he offers no solution other than what mainstream lying scientists postulate.

To put this in perspective, since I work with vessels in the 100 ton to 10,000 ton range, lifting a 100 ton object today with our best technology is a monumental feat. The video producer completely avoids the fact that these "Ancient" humans (humans their own science says were eating with wooden spoons) were lifting 800 plus ton blocks and carrying them for miles. It is preposterous. You can't try to debunk one theory and offer laughable theories to replace it.

The video also fails to mention many other similar instances. He comments on parts of Balbek construction but conveniently avoids the portions that were again impossible by human standards of that day. Again, impossible.

This very day, right now in reality, we humans with our 'advanced' technology simply could not replicate many of these sights. Let alone. Believe that Indians wearing loin cloths just thought up plans for say the great pyramid or the mountain top stones of Balbek and Peru.

The video wishes that ancient cave dwelling people did these things.

In my opinion the video FAILS MISERABLY.

NOW, that doesn't mean that it was aliens. I understand the alien agenda and perhaps they weren't involved in the construction of these sights. But that would mean there had to have been a civilization before us that completely trumped us and shamed us by their advanced evolution and technology. What other explanations can their be??

We have many depictions of flying craft in ancient art all over the world. The video again conveniently avoids tackling that issue.

I could go on and on but who cares.

This video fails. Don't waster your time watching it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22735712

i think this vid was a great example of how much deception is a part of the game here...

I mean, does Sitchin source his material or doesn't he?

Are they lying repeatedly or not? It appears, yes, they are lying for a check... you can guess anyone getting play on this stuff is disinfo... obvious, IMO

My guess is the people who built these things were giants--which is why the Smithsonian always shows up and removes any evidence for giants, when it has been found and reported...

smells funny to me...


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