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United States
09/29/2012 10:07 AM
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In the club
Went to my first EDM show. It was a crazy good time, energy off the walls. As I was dancing, I became extremely aware of my surroundings. I began thinking of what I wanted to have happen. First, I imagined I wanted a girl to get in front of me and start dancing. Then I would want her to get her hands up. She would only put one up then I would be able to mentally coax her to put her other hand up. Then I would get more specific, like "I want an asian chick" to dance in front of me, and sure enough no more than 2 minutes it would happen. When people got too close to me I would imagine them going away. It worked, they left.

All the while I am doing this, my friend found himself a girl to party with all night. Also, everyone around me is meeting up with people they knew and getting really happy and excited. It's amazing when people focus on what they want rather than what they don't want. Reminds me of the source field investigations, when 7k people meditated, focusing on more peace. Then it was reported the terrorism was down a large percentage that day....

Fun experience in collective consciousness. If you haven't been to a show, you should :)
The biggest lie out there right now is that our food contains everything our bodies need for optimal health.

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United States
09/29/2012 10:17 AM

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Re: In the club
ACT! Act! Ack!!!