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As long as people do not obey the Divine Law, war will exist. If they obey the Divine Law, they will never fight

Anonymous Coward
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09/30/2012 08:30 AM
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As long as people do not obey the Divine Law, war will exist. If they obey the Divine Law, they will never fight
"What is war? It is God's anger with the sons of disobedience. In other words, when people commit many crimes, Mars is given power to unleash war. That is to say, the created karma is paid through the suffering of humankind.

"Some people consider it impossible to renounce their father and mother as well as themselves in order to serve God as has been said by Christ. Are not people now ordered by law to renounce their families father, mother, wife, children - and go into battle?

"If people refuse to make sacrifices voluntarily, they will be forced to do so from without. All people see the impending catastrophe but do not know how to avoid it. For centuries, unmindful mechanical forces have been accumulating like floodwaters in front of a dam. The strain is so great that catastrophe is inevitable. Soon the dam will give way. The energy which has accumulated in people hides great danger. As of today, this energy remains not yet utilized. In the past, as well as in the present, people have continued to demonstrate great cruelty. At present, millions of people are becoming the victims of human madness. Afterwards, justification is found in external causes.

"Thanks to modern technical means of warfare - in the air, on the ground, on the water, as well as under the water - an enormous amount of materials - gas, oil, etc. - are wasted. Nature has strictly defined how much of these goods can be utilized. She severely punishes those who go too far with wastefulness. Humankind will bear the consequences for the wastefulness of these fuels.

"Unprotected cities are being bombed! These wars are unprecedented. This terror is unprecedented in history - attacking a city with two thousand airplanes with high-caliber bombs. Nobody has the right to deprive a human being of what God has given him. If one has a window through which he sees God's Light, none has the right to deprive him of that Light.

"When two blood brothers fight and tear out each other's hair, it is not the desire of the father and mother. When nations today fight, this too is not according to the Will of God.

"There exists the tendency to justify the war ideologically by saying that it is for the good of the nation. Yet what did those who fought for their nations in the past accomplish? Egypt, Syria, Babylon, Rome were great nations. They fought, but what did they attain? Nothing.

"There exists a small group of weapon manufacturers who declare wars. As soon as the weapons have been used up, peace comes. After that, the production of weapons resumes - no matter that millions of people will become cannon-fodder.

"People say, 'Let there be no more wars! ' Yet wars are the result of people's actions. We say that in order to have no more wars, goods must be distributed evenly, justly. As long as people do not obey the Divine Law, war will exist. If they obey the Divine Law, they will never fight."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

"The birth of Jesus was a historical event of major importance. But if all that was needed was for Jesus to be born two thousand years ago, why has the kingdom of God not yet come on earth? Wars, misfortunes, illness – all that should have disappeared…

True disciples know that the Christ is born into the world on Christmas eve in the form of light, warmth and life, and they prepare the right conditions for the divine Child to also be born within themselves. Yes, we can read the story of the birth of Jesus and sing ‘Il est né le divin Enfant’ however many times we like, but unless the Christ is born in us there will be no point. It is now up to each person to have the desire to bring about Christ’s birth within their soul and to become like him, so that the earth may become inhabited by Christs! This is what Jesus asked of us when he said, ‘The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these.’ Well, where are the works that are greater than those of Jesus? Show me…

For some the Christ has already been born, and for some he will soon be born. It all rests on preparing the conditions. "

"In the Lord’s Prayer, Christians recite ‘Thy kingdom come.’ And why, after two thousand years, is there still so much war, famine, poverty and misery? Because people have not learned how to work. They recite ‘Thy kingdom come’ half-heartedly, and they continue to emphasize the faults and shortcomings of one group or another: how poorly they are organized, the money they have misspent… They count solely on material solutions, and in applying them they are drawn into endless conflict.

If you sincerely wish for the coming of the kingdom of God, you must put aside human ways, the ways of matter, and work with divine ways, the ways of the spirit. This means nourishing the very best desires and feelings in yourself and speaking only positive words. These feelings, desires and words activate luminous forces in the invisible world, which come to help in the realization of this kingdom of love and peace."

"You will often have noticed how those people for whom prayer is a natural, spontaneous response are better equipped than others when faced with suffering and misfortune. Because they are able to struggle free from the darkness and heaviness of the earth and address the heavenly powers, they experience less bitterness and discouragement.

Some of the trials we have to live through may be related to the collectivity and be impossible to avoid. Take war, for example: during a war, no one is spared one way or other. But those who pray, who call on the power of the spirit, change their inner state, and even if outwardly events are the same for everybody, where others around them allow themselves to be overwhelmed, these people receive help from the light. And thanks to this help, they can also support and encourage others."

"Faith and patience: if you nurture both within you in order to continue the work you have begun, you will succeed in materializing all your spiritual aspirations. Someone says, ‘But for years I’ve wished for so many things that haven’t come true!’ That’s because you don’t know how to work, or because your wishes cannot be granted yet for certain reasons.

If your wishes concern collectivity, humanity as a whole, they are obviously a lot more difficult to realize than if they concern you alone. You wish for peace in the world, but so many other people want war, and so, of course, their wish prevents yours from being realized. That is why many more people and much more time and energy are necessary when you want to work for peace in the world and for the good of all humanity, for it is an enormous, long-term enterprise. But it’s not unachievable. And it would be achieved if a large number of spiritual brotherhoods were created in the world, dedicated to this work."

"How do most people view animals and behave towards them? The way they exploit certain species is really disgusting. They will not shrink from any kind of cruelty to obtain their flesh, their fur, their hide, their horns or any other part of their body.

But humans are doomed to pay a very high price for their cruelty to animals. The causes of wars may appear to be only political, economic and so on, but in fact they are also the consequence of all the slaughtering of animals that humans are guilty of. The law of justice, which is implacable, forces them to pay with their own blood for the blood they have shed through killing animals. How many millions of gallons of blood shed on earth cry out for vengeance from heaven! And as this blood turns to vapour it attracts a multitude of larvae and lower entities from the astral world, poisoning the earth's atmosphere and perpetuating conflicts. Humans want peace, or so they say, but so long as they continue to slaughter animals they will have war. This is a truth that is not known and may not be accepted. But not accepting it will not change anything: humans will be treated the way they treat animals. "