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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle samanthasunflower
Post Content
The argument for eating Aliens

Aliens come here uninvited.

They ate Elvis.

They mutilate our cattle, and probe abductees by shoving probes in their rectum and performing other unspeakable acts upon unsuspecting victims.

They are plentiful, more plentiful than the strained seas and land resources, and they seem to be coming in increasing numbers (if you beleive what some people are saying).

They are Kosher meat.

They taste good if prepared well.

According to some,they mess around with the Space Shuttle, when astronauts launch sattelites.

Their meat is safer than British Beef.

[link to wanglese.comxa.com]

This site includes recipes, you might want to check it out. hayseed
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