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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok we had the police knock on, apparently neighbours from the other side of the path saw us digging and thought we were burgulars as there was no light in the garden, and who lets be honest, digs in their garden at midnight!

We had to explain that we were digging a hole for a forthcoming tent, thankfully the police officer left upon seeing we were the home owners, not break ins!

I am deeply worried, we have the neighbours now up with their light on staring at our yard, we need to get the bodies moved before it is daylight..
i am going to need advice now
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

You are not English..because an English person would not call there back garden "a yard" and neither do they have guns to go around Willie Nillie shooting at any passing aliens...
also aliens do not abduct British people ...they prefer to leave graffiti in their corn fields

you madam are a troll ...
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