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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle We Who Watch
Post Content
Is there any chance i can get some serious replies please?
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

Sandra, encircle and cover the place of burial with a mixture of dried red pepper (cayenne) and salt. You'll need about one tablespoon of 1:1 mix per square meter. Make certain to extend at least a meter and a half radius from the body. I would repeat this following every hard rain for at least 9 to 10 weeks.

do not upload any images or video to the net and delete all images you have from your devices. You could, if you want, keep a copy on a flash drive and hide it far away of give it to someone you trust.

Protect yourself from an attack by keeping a silver dollar (real silver) on your left side and a crystal on your right side. Easiest is in the pockets.

If you feel a presence around you, hum a song that you learned as a child.

Take care...
 Quoting: Ondra 1280210


Theyll be here in the morning, my friends are helping me find somewhere rural to bury the body!

I have also been seeing lights in the sky the last few minutes and am worried the ufo may be back for revenge
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

If you had any friends they would help you with your social profiling homework. You really need to get better though if you want that big paying career in psychiatry.

BTW, you do know that the GLP owner likes to trace and file charges against psych docs who he thinks are abusing his members.... at least that is the rumor that I heard. But I don't have the link or know how to post a video...
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