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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle mark his grave
Post Content
I am also worried i may have started a war, i dont know of any other abductees who have killed a grey, this could have really bad reprecussions for mankind :(
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

as if things could get much worse for any less good reason!

you were protecting and defending your God given right to secure your personal space and maintain the sanctuary of such at all times

this interloper has been taking advantage of you and regardless of why, it's been way out in left field by way of order in the doing

if in fact you did defend yourself from being kidnapped and assaulted, which is in truth what an abduction IS

then you should be proud of yourself for having the courage to do so

when all the laws are blatantly unjust then justice becomes a personal thing - it's between you and your Creator/conscience where those lines are drawn

surely you're well aware of this fact

when the dictionary tells you that the definition of "up" is "down" then it's up to each of us to maintain our own integrity with reference to that which we perceive/believe and hold fast to as truth, regardless of how they do babble on

the criminals can likely do whatever they wish these days but in spite of such doing the right thing for yourself will always be the bottom line

the day you start feeling bad about doing what's RIGHT is the day you might as well not bother

they can call a spade a diamond in the rough all day long if they wish, it still doesn't change the FACT of the matter

if we're all gonna die for no good reason then we might as well make it count. make a stand for something you believe in. show the bastards how it's done.

as for repercussions from the 'greys' fuck em and feed em fish, en masse' or otherwise

if our govt has given them free license to molest then your vote doesn't count for much does it... and if your vote is being negated then why in hell would you give a rats ass how they feel about your choices in any regard?

vote for yourself, first and foremost, and let the chips fall where they will

just because they say you are out of order does in no way make it so

they can drag you to water but if you fall for the guilt trip they proffer when you draw the line on partaking of such, you've done yourself the greater injustice in truth, hands down

like I said

no good reason IS good reason in some states

if they wish to break their unity with truth don't assume for one moment that in following suit with same you won't be considered equally liable in so doing

these are the days when only the good cheese stands alone

amidst a sea of individuals who are four square front and center on both knees

making an example of the little trespassers is akin to kindness in some states

and this altered one we've entered present tense just happens to be one of them
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