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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle Sandra
Post Content

Hello my love, i am feeling absolute terror, i am in genuine fear for my life, i am currently at my friends trailer around about 2 miles from my home, we have the bodies in the back of it, hidden under bales of hay.

We arent sure what to do because even the rural areas have regular hikers and dog walkers, who are bound to come across the bodies
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

Surely you mean caravan if your in the UK,
 Quoting: robbiew

I am confused as to what the problem is...
 Quoting: Sandra 24692296

You use words we don't use in the UK even though you say you are a headmistress.

What you are is a liar.

Go to bed, you have school tomorrow.
 Quoting: Lotus Flower

Well you are right i have school, i am / was due to teach in school tomorrow, as i am headmistress.

The police were there yesturday looking for me and questioned every pupil one by one asking if they had seen me.

I wish the whole event had never happened, killing those greys has literally ruined my life!
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