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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle 121
Post Content
I was wondering if to even bother updating any of you, but i will.

I posted for the third time the photos and one video, but unlike the last times where the post was removed completly, this time the post was edited and a sceenshot of a well known youtube video put in its place to discredit me.

What is going on? i`ll tell you

After being released from jail, we recovered the bodies and drove to a far away location near ludlow castle, we then buried the bodies, and drove away for the nearest village.

There as we were approaching, were a load of road blocks, blockades if you will, the police were blocking off the roads and searching for us.
In a panic, we turned round the trailer and drove off at full speed, back past the castle.
Suddenly to our horror, we saw the bodies had been dug up, we must have been followed, for the bodies to have been gone in such a short amount of time.

We did not know what to do, every main route was blocked off, we were clearly being followed, we couldnt return to our home village because our house had been bulldozed to the ground by the police in the search for the bodies.
It was all over, finished if you will, there was nothing left but to give ourselves up.

Suddenly the sky lit up, and overhead was a chooper. We thought it was a police helicopter, as it descended we realised it was our friend Morgan!
`Get in`! he shouted!
We didnt hesitate for a second, the three of us (myself and the two friends who helped me bury the bodies), jumped into the helicopter, and we took off.

At the moment until we land, that is all i can say, but i have a feeling this is just the begining of my troubles,

All i ask is that you pray for me please, because i could really do with it right now

God bless each and every one of you, Sandra
 Quoting: Sandra 16798058

lmfao it just keeps getting better and better, you still stealing the wifi from that `undiscovered tribe`? LOL!!
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