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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle Morgan
Post Content
For the first time in my life something has gone my way.

Everyone has always relied on me to help them, for me to be the nice guy `oh morgan will do this, morgan will do that`, etc. and behind my back they scorn and chortle at me.
Two faced ness if you will.

I joined the men in black five years ago and havent looked back since, i have silenced many people who have had experiences `with other kinds`, i first got on the trail of sandra a few months ago, the government bought me a house nearby to hers, they told me to pretend i am a neighbour, and to slowly befriend her and to report back on any knowledge...

this has been many months in the making, and im glad that the fat old cow is finally tied up and gagged in the speedboat!

i kind of wish it really was her i dumped overboard earlier.. and not the greys
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