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Message Subject I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sandra here, after a long struggle i managed to overpower morgan, and sadly i had to kill him.

He was my close friend and betrayed me, and for that i could not forgive him.

I am back now, i am sorry he lied about me being dead.. he said it to put you off the trail, but i am here and i will stop at nothing to bury the aliens, but to first proove to the world of their existance via LIVE video

Please advise me of a easy to set up software that me and my remaining friend Jenifer can set up and broadcast the alien body from our hotel room
 Quoting: Sandra 16798058

Oh and another thing, morgan was the one who kept editing my posts so everytime i would upload the video or photos of the et, he would come on here and either delete the post or put a hoax photo instead... he was the one who alerted the authorites too.

Morgan is dead, finished, and thank god for that.

I am staying in a hotel room with my best friend Jenifer, and we have three small body bags where the alien bodies are in.

We are going to go round london today and find a place to bury the bodies
 Quoting: Sandra 16798058

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