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Message Subject BATMAN SHOOTER has a blog...and WOAH!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm at a loss myself.

She (the OP) seems to be an emotional wreck due to the suicide of a loved one, she is trying to piece together what led to this and somehow came upon Greg's site.

In her turmoil, she just assumes it's the Batman dude (from the picture most likely) and can't fathom it.

Honestly, have any of us made it more than a few paragraphs in?

So, desperately seeking clarification she comes here to get us to explain it a bit.

Instead, we gang bang her into submission over simple little mistakes and idiosyncrasies.

What a wonderful bunch of humans we are, eh?

Truth is, we've been jaded by years of Roleplayers and Trolls, so that these days, its to hard to know when someone is legit and when someone is just getting lulz.

To give the OP some actual closure on the issue, don't bother with anything that website or Greg Giles has to say on the subject. It's just more charlatan nonsense.

If you are actually interested in mind control, look up MKUltra.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7314441

thank you...correct...on all points. i have looked up mkultra. there is another program that came after it...mk...? i forget, was in a vid i watched off glp a few days ago. anyways, mkultra is kinda old news...what is happening now is way worse...

thank you so so so much for your words. you are totally correct. thank you for understanding.

[link to www.illuminati-news.com]

[link to www.mindcontrol.se]

please give more.
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