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Message Subject Meditate this
Poster Handle Qarley
Post Content
Hi there.. I see you have entered. I ask you dedicate 5 minutes of your time to common goals. We all spend so much time exercising our right to personal opinions that i thought it would be nice if we all gave a little bit to the collective conscious.
Close your eyes please and focus on

..Spreading love to those in need
..Bringing peaceful outcomes to the tense situations all over
..Helping bring the lost into the light.

we all focus on the details so often, I thought we all could use a reminder of the common goal here. We spend so much time figuring out WHO this nobody/wos is maybe we should look elsewhere so the truth can reveal itself. war doom destruction and hoaxes are everywhere. We know this. We need to focus more on our connection to THE ALL, and the effect we have on it. we need to look into ourselves when it comes to accusations instead of pointing a finger at our neighbor.
Help each other when we get something wrong instead of stating the discrepancy.
 Quoting: Qarley

I like this post except for number three. I'll help bring them to LOVE but, I won't have anything to do with the "light."

I think you need to truly study up on what "light" is before you choose to go shining it through doorways attempting to help the "blind" see. You'll find that that "light" is intentionally deceptive. So...be careful.

I LOVE your intentions though...

 Quoting: Serenity777

remember words are only used to form a connection or relationship to a shared emotion. My meaning of bringing someone into the light is along the lines of answering a question. You are free to take your own meaning to them. But you are right, love is key. My favorite expression... Lost in Tanslation
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