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Message Subject Meditate this
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Whenever you want to know what time it is refrain from looking instantly at a clock. Instead close your eyes and take a deep breath and concentrate on the question "what time is it?" with your minds eye try to imagine seeing the time on the clock and if you succeed the exact time will suddenly come to your conscuncess or you will have the impression it is a certain number of minuetes before or after the hour. Note the first impression you get and verify with the clock and also a few others if you can as times may be slightly different on each.

It's possible that you reject the first impression however don't! Trust it and take it into account!

Do not limit this to time but also phone calls; "who's calling me" or even "what does this caller want" take a moment to think and use your first impression.

When doing these exercises it is important to not let your mind reason and only trust your first response. This way you do not fall into to the habit of trusting second or third impressions. The first are important, you may not know why yet!

Much love guys!fish
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