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Message Subject Meditate this
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
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YES! We have been lost in the dualistic universe and it is in two's, just like our DNA, activating a set of two at a time. so also is the earth with night and do, so is our solar system. With the dark age(evil dominates) and the light age(good dominates). We have been in the dominantly evil(male side of the brain, lower level then the feminine side of the brain) state of mind for a long time now(in our lower dimensional understanding of time). What we are approaching, is the zero point where both is equal. This is where we will be given an opening to ascend in our state of mind. If not, if you so choose to stay is this physical state of mind then you will experience the physical earth pole shift where many will pass on and still ascend in mind consciousness. And those who survive and stay will be living in the predominately feminine(positive) world. Where the positive once again prevails for half an eon and then back to the predominately negative dark age in the other half(the constant balancing act of duality in this and any other 3D reality). While every thing else is a bit more hunkydory and magical in the higher state of mind with most of our physical body shed.

So there ya go. Now you have a rundown of the idea somewhat:)

Or at least my pint of view for the time being.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

so duality still exists when we ascend? and if so there is a greater evil than just earth somewhere out there to balance out the infinite love experienced on other dimensions?
 Quoting: Qarley

Not exactly

The less physical body we have, the closer we are to knowing the infinite love of source. Therefor, the higher we ascend from this 3D realm, the more we are filled with sources light/love.

To make this easier to understand, in order for a spirit to exist in the 3D or lower dimensional consciousness. It must use the darkness(or dark matter for the lake of a better term for now) to create the material with the mind(spirit controlled), wrapping the physically created matter we call this meat suit to incase the soul for this experience. This must be done on a dualistic state for us to be able to exist in this 3D realm. So this is whay we can not exist in the 3D or lower without the ego mind per say. But once we get to the 4th state of being and above, we no longer have to contend with the dualistic state of mind. It is not the natural environment of a pure spirit. Just a physical world for it to grow up in till it has learned to move forward. Up and out. And if an ascended spirit wishes to come down in a body like the rest of us, it also temporarily forgets what really is until it learns to remember. And those beings usually learn quicker than the general population.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

Thank you i get it. It's like one big magnet. As we ascend higher we get closer to the positive. But we started at the negative end...
 Quoting: Qarley

The physical experience starts closer to the void. But that is not the end all of end all about it. And does not mean we always start out closer to the void in spiritual form(but possible). We just don't have the capability to fully understand that part yet in this point in juncture.


I'm going to sleep now. ttyl:)
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