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Message Subject Meditate this
Poster Handle Unit3
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I have a question for my friends who may read here. Dont want to start a thread due to the many different people.. But anyways in light of everything that we work for. We agree love is an amazing thing. To be good, and help others. I mean that in any way it can be taken. Well im confused about balance. And how if duality exists, how we can expect to ALL move forward. Arent the haters and the evil and the angry closed minded ones all part of the balance? where is the balance if we all ascend?
 Quoting: Qarley

The balance is different for each one of us! The reason we are called the ballance is because we have the power to shift the Ballance of power in the universe!

Do not make a choise just to benifit a side more then another, Do a choice that benefit you and your brothers!

Be warry of light vs darkness. As everything in the universe is non lieanar! No begening adn no end! thing are, just because they are!

take a look at this!
[link to i1188.photobucket.com]

[link to i1188.photobucket.com]
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker


We are all one and come from the one. inside and out. This is how you achieve a higher level of seeing and understanding. To let go of that dualistic frame of mind in order to ascend in the mental thought process of this construct.

In other words, we can not achieve higher wisdom until we understand we are all one. Then when you truly feel and know this, you begin to see things that seem so simple to you, and you are left wondering why others don't see what you see. It is because they are still divided in their state of mind.

They are all beginning to catch up for the most part. And we are seeing this happen now at a tremendous rate. While another force seems to be trying to hold them back. I am still trying to figure that part out.

Nice pics BTWrockon
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

DH, thanks for visiting my thread. I asked you some questions over there so I hope you visit again. But, you bring something up here about the forces holding things back.

How much power do you think they still have right now?
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