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Message Subject Meditate this
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im curious, to anyone who might venture in, Do you believe the truth 100%? or do you allow doubt even when you are positive on the subject?
 Quoting: Qarley

I know that I always allow room for myself to be wrong. Because at times I have known absolutely for sure that something was TRUTH, and I turned out to be mistaken.

So yes I allow room for doubt, even when I'm feeling certain.

Especially when it comes to thinking something negative about another person.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22336920

And what about your personal spiritual/religious/nonexistent beliefs? (genuinely curious) Do you believe them blindly or allow doubt?
 Quoting: Qarley

Ha! No way! I am one of those people who believes in everything - anything is possible. I have no idea what is certain when it comes to religion. My spirit is strong but I am not sure where it will end up! But I have no fear.

I am in a Muslim country but am not Muslim, in case you're wondering :)

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