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Message Subject The SHILLS on this site are slippin. We see you.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why are there so many shills and trolls on this site ?
See below.


Numerous conspiracy websites like this one function as disinformation and cointelpro operations run by western gov / mil.

They also function as honeypots and used for data mining purposes to profile forum users.

Many trolls/shills on conspiracy sites will be spooks doing the work of their employers ~ USA / UK / Israel.

Some 'posters' are multiple identity bots controlled by humans.

The shills and trolls are paid operatives who are most likely employed by private companies contracted by alphabet agencies to run black propaganda campaigns on various conspiracy sites, some of which have been infiltrated and/or domains covertly purchased and completely taken over.

It's a major PSYOP aimed at internet users who are waking up.

Welcome to the CYBER WAR.

YOU are the enemy.
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