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Message Subject Sway me to your point of view
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wiki and then read up on Transcendentalism, New Thought, Science of Mind, Infinite Intelligence, etc.

So many wise people plugged into what I believe is the truth. I could never explain it as well as any of them or even name all the authors and books on the subject.

All I know is it rings true for me. Sometimes I forget about it or fall away from it. But every time I'm low or seeking something I can't quite define, I always wind up right back in the thick of it wondering how I could have forgotten and fallen away from it.

It doesn't contradict Christianity but expands on it and ties in with what I believe Jesus was really all about.

"Men see God in the ripple, but not in miles of still water. Of all the two thousand miles that the St. Lawrence flows, pilgrims go only to Niagara."
Henry David Thoreau

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