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Subject Shrooms, ufos, aliens and the illuminati.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Before I begin let me say that I do not eat mushrooms often, in fact I have only eaten them three times and that I have never seen anything in the sky that I 100% knew was alien but at the same time I do believe we are not alone and yes I do believe there are groups of evil people in control. Now with that out of the way, let me proceed with my story and questions.

About a year a friend of mine asked if I wanted to try shrooms as they would open my mind to new experiences, and bieng the type of person I am I said sure and he gave mr 50 grams of fresh to try, although he warned me to not eat them all ay once. The next night I decided to eat half of them, about 30 minutes went by and I began to feel a tingle but bieng stubborn I ate the rest, bad idea.

When it hit me I went down like a ton of bricks, though not passed out. My mind was racing as was my heart and I kept seeing isometric shapes in my mind. After a while of laying there face down I had the urge to get up and walk around the house. Every surface felt elastic, paper thin and not quite real. Everything coincided with shapes, numbers and equations and it truly felt like God had his hands on my brain.

After awhile of spiritual apifamy after apifamy I started to go back to my bedroom but stopped dead in my tracks when I sae a shadow in the shape of a person from down the hall. I was afraid but at the same time curios so I ventured to my room anyways, forgetting that my pitbull was in my room asleep and was probally responcible for the shadow man. That is when the event happend.

As I walked through my bedroom door my dog was sitting up on the bed looking at me and I heard the worfs, "run, look what is that boss" in my mind and I know it was my dogs words. He looked out of the window and so did I and as soon as I did something ran off, sounded really big and very fast. To this day I do not know what it was but I believe it to have been demonic in nature, kind of like I opened a door I shouldnt have. Eithet way later in the night I decided to watch tv to take my mind off of what had happend in the bedroom and at thi point is when the second event happend.

The show boondocks, a cartoon was on and I decided to watch it. The fucked up things that I witnessed on that screen for that 30 minutes still bothers me. Everthing from characters faces twisting into demonic looking forms to all seeing eyes plasterd in walls to hearing the audio in reverse. What is wierd is that my neice dvrs every episode and she watched it the next day and none of the things I witnessed were there.

Now fast forward a year later to last night. I was channel surfing and just happend to stop on cartoon neyworks "adult swim" block because a parti,ular funny episode of family guy was on. On the first commercial break it shoed a question from a viewer asking them to point out illuminati symbols in their shows and lo an behold the first few pics wete from boondocks showing a few pyramids with all seeing eyes casually implanted on characters shirts and drawn on a sidewalk.

Now my questions are, did I accidentally see some type of subliminal messages while I was hallucinating on the mushrooms? Also, does anyone else here believe that maybe tptb dont want us eating them because they raise our awareness and can possibly bring us out of this sleep and retardedness that seems to be sweeping the planet these days? Just food for thought anyones opinion is welcomed.
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