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460 Bank Failures Since 2007 - Interactive Map!

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United States
10/01/2012 07:34 PM
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460 Bank Failures Since 2007 - Interactive Map!
See the concentration areas?

St. Louis Fed maps 460 bank failures since 2007
[link to blogs.marketwatch.com]

Interactive Map
[link to research.stlouisfed.org]

Appears most of the damage is from areas hit very hard by the foreclosure of homes. Look at Florida, its all dotted.

And for 2012

Bank Failures: 43 So Far in 2012
[link to www.zacks.com]

After a week’s respite from bank failures, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation – Division of Banking – shuttered Crete, Illinois-based First United Bank last Friday. This takes the number of failed U.S. banks thus far in 2012 to 43, following 92 in 2011, 157 in 2010, 140 in 2009 and 25 in 2008.

Looks like the pace is slowing down compared to the years prior.

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