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Message Subject 5 dead after outbreak of fungal meningitis tied to injections, UPDATE, 140 Texans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When are people going to wake up and realise that all those vacinations that are being pushed on people are deliberate attempts to lower the population of the world and this (health) strategy will esclate as time goes by. People should refuse any vacinations that are being pushed. The recent bird flu and other such "illnesses" were part of this policy and we are in the unfortunate position now in the world that we can't trust our Health professionals, Drug companies etc anymore to provide a healthcare programme. There are crises created and then the "solutions" are what they want us to think of as the solution but in effect it is their way of foisting such things on us a poisonous vacinations.
 Quoting: Julie Graham 25023205

It is not from a vaccination on this one

lumbar epidural injections are steroids shot into the area


Vaccinations are evil as well

I say, just seek natural remedies

and don't play with the devil's medicine
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