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Message Subject 5 dead after outbreak of fungal meningitis tied to injections, UPDATE, 140 Texans
Poster Handle ceawaves
Post Content
If a Massachusetts pharmacy had not halted its shipment of steroid shots that have killed five people, Pennsylvania could not have stopped the distribution.

Pennsylvania, Georgia and Massachusetts are the only states that don't require out-of-state drug manufacturers to be licensed before they ship drugs within their borders.

Read more: [link to old.post-gazette.com]

This is very scary stuff, that we live in a healthcare system that this is allowed

 Quoting: Goofy for God

It's not 'healthcare' any more only deathcare..you would truly not believe what's happening that people aren't even aware of.
The short versions:
One man had that bacteria infection.He was in the hospital with it, the new policies for 0bamacare kicked in, he could only stay in the hospital for so many days, they sent him home, now he going to lose his leg.

One teenage girl got this freak stuff, it's all over her face now, been fighting it for months..

My own mother (father also but her's is worse right now), has had some sort of rash since after the BP spill, (zone one) they can't figure out what it is, so they're claiming,(many different doctors) they kept on a on insisting she had a bone marrow test.. I highly objected to it.. Did everything i could to even begged, shouted, and had a fit, all to no avail... well they gave her one.. week ago, last Saturday she started hurting, big knot came up around the site area, She started running real high temp. we took her to the hospital they gave her an iv. Next day the Dr. who did the B/M test wanted to see her, she took a blood sample,(one at the hospital showed nothing) they called her yesterday an said she now has some sort of a bacteria blood infection, they don't even know what it is yet..She got that from the bone marrow test.
My mother just called, as im writing this up, my niece who is 5 years old has come down with shingles, she had the chicken pox shot, Don't tell me its not better for those kids to go ahead an have the real chicken pox, never heard of a child with shingles, and it only gets worse, another little girl, my sister-in-laws niece, has been having a problem almost a year now,first claimed it was some sort of unknown bacteria in her bones, they told her yesterday the child could either have leukemia or some sort of bone cancer, she's 9 years old. They are killing us off by slow an painful murders..

Believe this is happening all over the country, 0bamacare is nothing but Deathcare. If the poisons don't kill them the 'curing' will..

This is kinda off topic.. excuse me, just needed to vent.. feel so powerless about all this.
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