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Message Subject Jesus is Coming Back for His Bride without Spot or Wrinkle
Poster Handle flashlight
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During the first three hundred years after Jesus’ death, there was a split in Christianity. This was at a time when Emperor Constantine chose Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire. In both versions of Christianity, the trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) was used to express the basic principles of the religion. In each version, the Father represented consciousness, the Son reason or thinking, and the Holy Ghost represented creativity (a piece of God within you).

The “Gnostic” Christians (i.e. Manichaeism) believed that thinking was a process used by consciousness to communicate and to plan your activities, etc. It must always be balanced with creativity so that the thinking process does not become rigid.

This was expressed as “The Bridal Chamber”, in which the bride (creativity) and groom (thinking) were united and balanced within the larger space of the room (pure consciousness). And so they explained that the Father “begets” the “Son” and is not the same as the “Son”.

The “Apostolic” Christians believed that thinking is the same as consciousness – that there is no other state of consciousness than thinking. Creativity is also thinking. Everything is thinking. They expressed this as the Son IS the Father or “Jesus is God”.

Emperor Constantine called for a conference in the city of Nicaea in 323 AD to settle these differences. The emperor set himself up as the moderator. Now, using our thinking minds to good advantage, which version would an empire, needing to keep control over vast numbers of people of many different cultures, choose as the “correct” version of Christianity? If thinking was the only version of consciousness considered legitimate, and the Roman Empire and the Apostolics provided a list of approved thoughts, then that inconvenient factor of creativity could be eliminated.

It is easier to control people whose minds all conform. To this day it is hard to convince people that there is another state of consciousness other than thinking. The state of consciousness which is controlled by the thinking process is one dimensional. Each thought follows the other, one by one.
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