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Message Subject Jesus is Coming Back for His Bride without Spot or Wrinkle
Poster Handle BOWMAN
Post Content
Hey guys, I found this NDE experience and wanted to post here because it seemed to resonate with much of the prophecy that's been posted here over the years. I hope you're all doing well.

Thread: Near death experience of dawning of the Aquarian Age/New Millenium


 Quoting: BOWMAN

Hi Bowman! I've always liked reading NDE's also, but this one gives me the willys! I hope you don't mind my disagreeing with it! tomato My thoughts when I was reading this was that this was a fallen angel's teachings. My spirit did not resonate with it. Nowhere in these teachings was even one mention of Jesus Christ. Not even one mention of being saved. The whole article was a fascinating read, but it appeared to me to be a story that is meant to lead people astray. I still have a uneasy feeling in my spirit that tells me this is a false teaching and I need to listen to it.

 Quoting: MercyMe

Hey MercyMe!

I just read it as someone's direct experience and yes it's okay if you don't agree with it. This part below though is what really prompted me to post this, as many of the passages in this thread talk about 'The Bride of Christ' being made up of a multitude of people...

"Within the physical level on Earth, the atoms are considered by your scientists as the smallest foundation or the complete basis of all the physical matter. The living aspects of the atom are being ignored, but nevertheless in a much simpler form, the atoms have their own tiny, living spirits within themselves.

In reality, the atoms' spirits aren't the beginning of the story. As you remember from the previous lessons, each atom is made of many subatoms 7, which are made from subatoms 6 and so on, all the way down to subatoms 1. Each subatom 1, together with the pure living units in the infinite level, is the basic foundation of matter and life in the Universe.

If you followed the compounded structure of lives inside lives, you probably noticed that a single person is, by now, is one of the most advanced complexes of life on Earth. But is it the end of the evolution story?

A human being on Earth is not the end of the grouping system. The coming step in the evolutionary process is one of the most amazing ones.

Similar to your body's cells, the entire human population on Earth is going to form the next group as a compound new life. Through unification of all humans on planet Earth, a new giant life form, holding a much bigger spirit within the souls of humans is going to emerge."

Also worth considering is the coinciding of the closing of the fractal progression of consciousness as per Carl Calleman's model with the seemingly spontaneous gathering of people the world over, concerning the unethical practices of the global economists and bankers and CEO's. I found that although many of the protesters were somewhat misguided concerning some issues, what really was fascinating was it was a gathering of people who were essentially 'leaderless' and each individual had their own reasons for their protesing.

I think over the coming weeks/months, that this behavioral interaction between the have's and the have not's and what comes about from that will be worth watching for.


 Quoting: BOWMAN

Thread: The Cherished One (Page 81)


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