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Message Subject Jesus is Coming Back for His Bride without Spot or Wrinkle
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh I put the same amount of faith in the history books as I do the Bible.
History is written by the victor.
They have all been corrupted by the hearts, minds and hands of men.
That is the whole point.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1018225

So you reject ALL historical record as unreliable? You just live in the "now" and are resigned to never knowing true from false?

In spite of history being written by the victors, the truth seems to find a way to those who seek it out. As I've said before, no other ancient text, historical or otherwise, has been anywhere near as scrutinized as the Bible. Yet, as one person said to a king who intended to wipe it out, "The Bible is an anvil that has worn out many hammers." People with every motivation to destroy it often are so overwhelmed with its reliability that they become Christians.

Corruption must be proved, not merely asserted, and many have already tried their hand at destroying the Bible but all have failed.

It's very Zen to say that nothing is knowable, but I don't do Zen.
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

You are convinced the Bible is the only authority on God.
You are convinced the only way to God is the Bible.
So both Jesus and God take the back seat to the Bible, and you are O.K. with that.
They have eyes but they do not see.
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