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Message Subject Jesus is Coming Back for His Bride without Spot or Wrinkle
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Our Lord is coming back to bring us all together in faith, even the non-Christians. He's getting our non-Catholic brothers and sisters prepared by stating repeatedly to Protestant prophets their man-made heresies are not true.

A major heresy, touches so much else, is Martin Luther's "Faith Alone." And another falling away is many non-Catholic Christians do not believe God's Commandment keep holy the Lord's Day involves ASSEMBLING to worship God on Sunday.

Imagine, staying home on Sunday, no,no, no. That's not an option for Catholics. It is a mortal sin to miss Mass.
At Mass one receives Our Lord in the most Holy Eucharist.

Remember, remember...

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October 2nd, 2012

message to Yolanda Ballard

I AM calling you to come up higher, but you must respond by drawing
close to My side and seeking My face, enabling Me to speak clearly to you.
For this is the day when many are starting to fall away as they chase after
their lusts of the flesh rather than to chase after Me.

I tell you that if My people would turn from their wicked ways, then I will
be able to heal their land, but if they continue to draw away, they will lose
their inheritance in Me, and the enemy will be able to steal, to kill, and
destroy everything that they have. Every trace of ever knowing Me will be
gone, and they will be just like the world who are lost.

But where is the sacrifice for those who once knew Me, but then fall away?
There is not any! For those who go back into the mire and begin to chase
after their lusts, and lose interest in knowing Me and loving Me, there is
nothing to draw them back for they will be lost forever.

So I tell you this day that you must watch and pray, for the spirit is willing
but the flesh is weak, and you need My grace and the strength of My Spirit
to carry you on in victory to the finish line. Don't think that you have it all
together because you say that you know My name
, but in your heart you
are far from Me. You don't seek My face and draw close to Me in the
secret place. You don't even draw close to Me in worship with others in My
presence as before
. You allow everything else to be more important than
Me. You allow the cares of the world, your lusts of the flesh, and trials of
life to quench what fire that you had in Me.

Cry out that I may pour out My fire to burn up the dross before it is too
late. Cry out for My grace and mercy that you may return to Me, and dwell
close to Me, and once again worship Me unceasingly. For I desire your
fellowship, and I send out to you a warning that if you don't start to watch
and pray, you will lose all that I called you out to do for Me.

For I have created you to worship Me, and to carry out the mission that I
created for you to bear, and only you can do this specific type of work
that I called you to. For My work for you is unique, and only you can fill
this call and position. There are people out there that only you can reach.
And there are people out there that only you can heal. And there are
greater works that I have for only you to do with a special anointing that
you must claim. And the blessing that I have for you, if you will carry out
the calling on your life, will effect every area of your life.

Yes, you will prosper in every area of your life if you put Me and My will
first. And you will walk in health, and My peace and joy will flood your life.
But most of all you will have My love and My light and glory to radiate out
from you.

So contemplate My calling upon you and restore your vision of why you
are here. Don't lose out, My people, for this is the time and the hour for
restoration and the time for jubilee. Yes, return unto Me. Cast off the lusts
and independence, and humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up. I
will bless you and honor you and give you a long life if you live your life
truly for Me. Don't just go by My name, but be My people, those who love
Me and want to be with Me.

Worship Me and I will stir the gifts within you, and give you the zeal and
the fire and the glory. You cannot make it on your own or you will be
destroyed, for you must continue to be sensitive when I call you near, and
you must be sensitive to hear My voice, but most of all you must follow
the leading of My eye. Follow Me and trust Me to know My will, and
receive for I give you My kingdom and My power and My glory forever and
ever. Amen.

[link to www.openheaven.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20541213

I just noticed, Our Lord said it again near the end of the message...reject Martin Luther's false "Faith Alone."
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