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Subject If Obama was the Devil....
Poster Handle XSlyOneX
Post Content
Seriously if OBAMA was the Anti-Christ or Devil or w/e you guys spew out these days then not everyone would hate him.

Don't you realize by as a group hating this man your simply stating this man isn't the Devil?

If he was the devil then trust me that the mass of people wouldn't know he was at all. There wouldn't be a single hint of it at all.

If/when the devil does decide to show up it's going to be someone that everyone believes is the good guy. That's just the way it works people.

Sure Obama probably isn't right for office and sure he probably got caught in some lies and discovered that being president doesn't actually mean you get to really do anything of significance at all. Your simply the man everyone blames for the their own problems.

I would encourage everyone to stop doing exactly what the "Devil" wants you to do by spending all of your focus whining and crying about one man when in truth whats killing this country is a collective of people.

I don't support Obama at all but I also you guys are yelling at the wrong person. :)
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