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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't understand why this isn't pinned, and why more people are recognizing what is taking place
 Quoting: Lost N Dying World

Dunno. I got it at 5 stars and pin. Great info
 Quoting: cutetornadoF5

get too close to real truth and it must be buried
what is being said here, in this thread, is real
and for most people who can comprehend the magnitude of what is going on it is absolutely terrifying
i doubt those who do know want everyone to know
better to keep them thinking this is just a gas/oil mishap, no big deal, and a sinkhole
that isn't too alarming
most people can't connect the dots anymore
and that's just how some people want it to be
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