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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Would seem to validate Cayce.
 Quoting: Waterbug

Actually John Koyle too... let me find the relevant bits...

[link to woodyoubelieveit.blogspot.com]

83. When the mine comes in, there will be only three months to obtain needed goods from the East Coast and three more months to obtain goods from Denver (six months total). After that, trucks will not be running.

97. An earthquake will open and drain the winze.

John H. Koyle was gifted with dreams not directly related to the mine. For example, he saw that during the time of great tribulation there would be a massive earthquake out in the Pacific Ocean that would bring giant tidal waves along our Pacific Coast. This would in turn bring destructive quakes along the San Andreas Fault and wreck great destruction in San Francisco and Oakland. If inspired, prophetic warnings were heeded in time, many of our people would escape these disasters.

We would have our gold and be able to buy our food and grain supplies barely in the nick-of-time he said, because in a short time the situation would grow so bad that all of the automobiles and trains would stop running, and manufacturing would cease because of a complete breakdown in our economy. They would have to put the horseless carriage back in the barn and get the horse out, if they still had a horse. (He made this prediction so far back that the terms "Automobile" and "garage" were not yet in popular usage.)
Back in the early part of the century, when the automobile was still a novelty, he would tell his listeners that these vehicles would be so numerous before long, that almost everybody would have one and they would get to be as big as boxcars, and be filled with people going at great speeds up and down the highways, and they would drive thru the night with brilliant lights. Soon they would be lined up so thick along the curb on business streets, that it would be difficult for one to get from the street into the stores and back again. Of course, no one in the early part of the century believed him.
About this time, he said, transportation would stop all over the country, and manufacturing would cease, and the people would have to return to their horses, if they had any, or go on foot. Then we could no longer buy any wheat because there was no way to get to where the big supplies were located, nor could it be brought to us. And those who did have any wheat on hand would not sell it for a bushel of gold. Then the really big troubles began with famine, warfare, plagues and judgments, and we would have to make White City and the Dream Mine into a fortress to protect ourselves from ravaging mobs. In many places, he said, the dead would outnumber the living, while in others there would not even be enough living to bury the dead. We would have to build a self-sufficient economy of our own with oil wells and industries to take care of our own needs. This, indeed, would be a time when we would have to live close to the Lord and depend upon Him for both temporal and spiritual salvation. We would learn the meaning of repentance.
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