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Message Subject ***TRIPLE THREAT***Jack Reeds Theory--Sink Hole, New Madrid, St. Lawrence Seaway
Poster Handle Lost N Dying World
Post Content
This is the best thread I have seen here at GLP for along time. It is one I will be following as this ties it all together. I think this could be the "smoking gun" we have all been wondering about and preparing for.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 844118

Thank You! Thank You! I said early on in the thread that I wasn't going to stop until it got pinned. It only took a couple of days.

Unfortunately for me this is more of a reality especially since I live only an hour from New Madrid. I had never heard of Reed's Theory and how it could be connected to the Gulf. Then we include the Macondo BP well and how it drilled into the end of the fault line.

All of this is becoming more real everyday the Gas Bubbles expand even further from the sinkhole and the constant build up of pressure in the area along with increased seismic activity.
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